Friday, March 20, 2009

English is Love

Why do I connect reading and grammar to love. Because c'mon, those are pretty weird things to connect to love.
But I figured it out.

It started with my dad. He read to me every night. So much and with such enthusiasm that I memorized the stories, yearned to read them for myself. I'd bring anyone in my house of stack of books taller than me if they promised to read me a story. But my dad was the best. He did voices and everything.

Then came my mom with the hooked on phonics. I thought it was a game. I get to learn to read and spend time w/ mom and at the end I win a toy. This was a win-win situation, cuz when ur 3 hooked on phonics is crazy fun.

Then I started reading my dad to sleep. Role reversal. And I would get up really early, before he left for work and he would do hooked on phonics with me.

So I guess for me reading started as love and attention from my parents. Not that I didn't get enough of that all the time lol. Still do.

Then there was my grandma. She taught me pronouns in her living room. It was my first grammar lesson. So reading became bonding with my grandma.

Then there were teachers. So reading became gratification. It made me special and seperate.

Then there was my sister. Who, at 16, would rather kill herself than spend time with her eight year old sister. But she liked to teach me to read Shakespeare in our garage, and talk about life. So reading was bonding with my sister.

So I figure the reason I love reading, and grammar, and understanding and such is because for a long time it was the bridge between me and the people in my life that were too old to have anything else in common with a little kid. For me, it was being seen by the adults I cared about. Really seen.

Ok and it was about gratification :)

Today was awesome bcuz I was reminded of that.

Peace <3


I feel like I'm being trampled
By calculus and bio
And then English picks me up
Dusts me off
And makes it all ok again :)