Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things I Like

I'm compiling a list of things I like, because it seems when someone asks me I can never tell them what I like.

  1. The colors yellow, pink and purple light up my world.
  2. I'm Yours and I'll Follow You Into the Dark are the love songs I love.
  3. Musicals are too exciting for words. Take me to one, and I'll love u till death do us part.
  4. Sees candy is the greatest :) no contest.
  5. Having my hair curly makes me feel fabulous.
  6. I luv getting notes from friends.
  7. Dancing and singing in public is what it's all about man.
  8. Speaking of, heck yea I like the hokey pokey.
  9. Books. So many books.
  10. California sunshine :)
  11. Good grades. Who doesn't like that?
  12. Cheesy pick up lines make me smile. :D
  13. Horoscopes and fashion magazines r my embarrassing loves.
  14. Cakes and cookies and muffins and bagels and all kinds of yumminess.
  15. Myspace
  16. Stayin' up late.
  17. Sleepin til noon.
  18. Blog posts that aren't finished yet.

Maybe i'll do a little known facts about me post later.....hmmmm.....

Live Life Brilliantly

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Soooo.....I Got Ice Cream.....Wanna Make Out? lol

hw and exercise--not a fun mix but all is well :)

Sometimes I'm so complicated I don't even understand me. Or I can't even explain me, but getting on my good side is simple. All u gotta do is gimme baked goods and call me pretty.

Yay I got my braces off 2day. How cooool. Now I get a pink sparkly retainer.

O and i bought purple heels. They make my world go round :P

'Tis time for more hw and such.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Trisha's a Lifesaver

Yay! I got my post bak thanks to the lovely and talented Trisha J. Gragera lol nehowww....

SAD was prtty cool 4 me. All except for how I woke up...which went something like.....
"Tashi, get up. U know we have an appointment 2day."
"Whaaat? :? "
"The gym."
"Whaat? :?"
lol then we go, then the trainer doesnt have us scheduled, then we come bak home, then life was ok again, blah blah blah

neways kewl beans

dad bought me sees candy :) he does it every year
and every year its flippin awesome
thats y 2day was awesome
plus i watched teen witch lol those crazy 80's movies

nehow i g2g to olive garden soon

catch ya on the flip side.....whatever that means

Sunday, February 8, 2009

So Much to Tell

This shall be in 5 parts.

#1 No more bf. still friends. ehh...

#2 Personal trainer= hot

#3 Some college sent me a letter. I think I might be a National Merit Scholar. Hopefully.

#4 I passed AP Calc this semester.

#5 i have weird dreams. here's one i had recently.

I'm in a casino. Its kinda dark and all red green velvety textures. It's the 40's or 20's. I can tell because of the decorations and clothes like flapper dresses. I'm an old white woman. I see a rich man gambling at a blackjack table. I see his rich wife in a shiny silver flapper dress calmly get up and leave the room. She's beautiful. Her husband follows her. His posse follows him.

All of a sudden I'm a man sitting in the same casino across the room from the old woman. I can't tell what race I am, maybe Italian. I think I'm a mobster. I pull a gun into my lap. It's a revolver. I shoot the woman in the silver dress. She stands.

All of a sudden I'm the wife. No race this time but I have brown skin. Maybe I'm black, or latin, or middle eastern. I'm sitting waiting for my husband to finish gambling. I'm content. Someone shoots me. My stomach is bleeding but it doesn't hurt. I get up and leave. My husband follows.

I get into a horse-drawn cairrage. It's all black and leather. My husband gets in too. A man I know gets in opposite me. A woman is with him. I feel uneasy. I don't know who shot me but I suspect its him. I see the gun. I move out of the opposite door of the now-moving cairriage. I hang on to the outside. I don't know where my husband is. I think the man shot him. He must have a silencer because nobody heard his gun go off either time. I jump of the cairrage and roll. I try to decide what to do. There is a forest in front of me and the road stretching out on either side.

Then I wake up. Weird dream, I know. I always have dreams where I'm other people. People who are older or younger or the opposite gender or a different race. I've had very few set in a different time tho. I also have a lot of dreams that change perspective randomly like some weird movie. I don't know why. And nothing's ever in clear detail. Especially people, I just imagine people but usually I only know their age gender and race if i'm lucky.

Today was awesome because me and isabel had beans and chicken and veggies and it was yummy. Also, I myspaced a lot and didn't do ne work.

I guess I'll sleep now. Or sumthin close 2 it.

Peace out tootse.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Let's call these the before and after photos. Before and after exercise. Apparently exercise makes u really,really tired. Who knew? It also makes u a member of Leo Club....ok maybe not.

Want a math problem? Me neither. But ur getting one nehow so shut up and take it. lol

stayin up 'til midnight + 0 period + math test + hour long strentgh endurance class+ healthy food (my body is seriously like wtf?) =.......u guessed it!.......unless u didn't.....tired tashi.

Such is life.
So before I figure out why today is awesome I thought I'd try to say something meaningful. I read an article by Jasmine Quezada in the windjammer today ( idk her but maybe u do) and it was all about stereotypes and how we sort of mold ourselves to fit them.
I took two points from it. #1 people want to fit in, even if it is under a false label #2 people use stereotypes as excuses.

Think about it. If only nerds, or only asians, or only losers, or only w/e's do well in school, I don't have to feel bad when I get bad grades because I'm a jock, or I'm black, or I'm popular, or w/e. (Are u likin' the parallel syntax? I knew u would :) lol) Nehow labels allow us to be lazy. Because if we all accepted that MLK, Ghandi, Einstein, and other amazing and intelligent people were only human, we would have to ask ourselves "Why aren't I trying to make as big a difference as they did?" And that would force us to get up off of our fat, lazy, American.....well u know what I mean. So don't rule yourself out or give yourself an excuse not to try just because you don't fit the stereotype. Make your own stereotype. I don't know about u but people saying "o she's just a black, dorky, smart kid" doesn't sound as good as "o she's just tashi" to me.

Now back to even more useless babble (just when u thought it couldn't get any worse right?).

Today was full of suck because... umm did u not see the 0 period math test part?

Today was awesome because...that exercise class was fun and my mom had a BLAST which doesn't happen that often so I was quite pleased, Nguyen gave me extra time to finish my math test, I got to see my friends and bf, I had very little homework, mom and I bought healthy food, and I finally got Perfume ( the book) oooooo and there's an episode of one tree hill on my DVR thats callin my name.

It's time to answer. TTFN (cuz tigger rox my sox even though poor eeyore is my favorite)

Monday, February 2, 2009


I was bored. I like writing. Thus this was created.

Right now I'm procrastinating.

No me gusta studying for calculus.

Basically I made this because I like writing, it will help me procrastinate :P, and it will help me remember to look for the good in each day.

Today was awesome because.....I cleaned out my inbox, I saw my friends and bf, my mom made tuna, I didn't have calc homework, and the best thing....haha I walked home w/ Kel and David and we had ice cream!

Oh ice cream....u make everthing better.

That will be all for now. Stay fabulous imaginary people who will read this lol.

P.S. today is also awesome cuz i can make this pink!