Saturday, February 14, 2009

Trisha's a Lifesaver

Yay! I got my post bak thanks to the lovely and talented Trisha J. Gragera lol nehowww....

SAD was prtty cool 4 me. All except for how I woke up...which went something like.....
"Tashi, get up. U know we have an appointment 2day."
"Whaaat? :? "
"The gym."
"Whaat? :?"
lol then we go, then the trainer doesnt have us scheduled, then we come bak home, then life was ok again, blah blah blah

neways kewl beans

dad bought me sees candy :) he does it every year
and every year its flippin awesome
thats y 2day was awesome
plus i watched teen witch lol those crazy 80's movies

nehow i g2g to olive garden soon

catch ya on the flip side.....whatever that means

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