Sunday, February 8, 2009

So Much to Tell

This shall be in 5 parts.

#1 No more bf. still friends. ehh...

#2 Personal trainer= hot

#3 Some college sent me a letter. I think I might be a National Merit Scholar. Hopefully.

#4 I passed AP Calc this semester.

#5 i have weird dreams. here's one i had recently.

I'm in a casino. Its kinda dark and all red green velvety textures. It's the 40's or 20's. I can tell because of the decorations and clothes like flapper dresses. I'm an old white woman. I see a rich man gambling at a blackjack table. I see his rich wife in a shiny silver flapper dress calmly get up and leave the room. She's beautiful. Her husband follows her. His posse follows him.

All of a sudden I'm a man sitting in the same casino across the room from the old woman. I can't tell what race I am, maybe Italian. I think I'm a mobster. I pull a gun into my lap. It's a revolver. I shoot the woman in the silver dress. She stands.

All of a sudden I'm the wife. No race this time but I have brown skin. Maybe I'm black, or latin, or middle eastern. I'm sitting waiting for my husband to finish gambling. I'm content. Someone shoots me. My stomach is bleeding but it doesn't hurt. I get up and leave. My husband follows.

I get into a horse-drawn cairrage. It's all black and leather. My husband gets in too. A man I know gets in opposite me. A woman is with him. I feel uneasy. I don't know who shot me but I suspect its him. I see the gun. I move out of the opposite door of the now-moving cairriage. I hang on to the outside. I don't know where my husband is. I think the man shot him. He must have a silencer because nobody heard his gun go off either time. I jump of the cairrage and roll. I try to decide what to do. There is a forest in front of me and the road stretching out on either side.

Then I wake up. Weird dream, I know. I always have dreams where I'm other people. People who are older or younger or the opposite gender or a different race. I've had very few set in a different time tho. I also have a lot of dreams that change perspective randomly like some weird movie. I don't know why. And nothing's ever in clear detail. Especially people, I just imagine people but usually I only know their age gender and race if i'm lucky.

Today was awesome because me and isabel had beans and chicken and veggies and it was yummy. Also, I myspaced a lot and didn't do ne work.

I guess I'll sleep now. Or sumthin close 2 it.

Peace out tootse.

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