Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things I Like

I'm compiling a list of things I like, because it seems when someone asks me I can never tell them what I like.

  1. The colors yellow, pink and purple light up my world.
  2. I'm Yours and I'll Follow You Into the Dark are the love songs I love.
  3. Musicals are too exciting for words. Take me to one, and I'll love u till death do us part.
  4. Sees candy is the greatest :) no contest.
  5. Having my hair curly makes me feel fabulous.
  6. I luv getting notes from friends.
  7. Dancing and singing in public is what it's all about man.
  8. Speaking of, heck yea I like the hokey pokey.
  9. Books. So many books.
  10. California sunshine :)
  11. Good grades. Who doesn't like that?
  12. Cheesy pick up lines make me smile. :D
  13. Horoscopes and fashion magazines r my embarrassing loves.
  14. Cakes and cookies and muffins and bagels and all kinds of yumminess.
  15. Myspace
  16. Stayin' up late.
  17. Sleepin til noon.
  18. Blog posts that aren't finished yet.

Maybe i'll do a little known facts about me post later.....hmmmm.....

Live Life Brilliantly

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